Nail coloring trends

To the colors, ready, go!

With summer comes the desire for fresh colors, air and light. Open shoes are worn again—whether sandals or slippers. Launch of new and fashionable summer slipper collections invite you to show off your well-groomed feet and to set peppy accents with colored nail polish.

The stylists at the Fashion Weeks have shown the way: When it comes to style, nail art can and should stand out again. Experiment with different color themes—the metallic look, rich, opaque colors and pastel hues are the latest deviations from the standard look. Attracting attention is the order of the day. So go ahead… Show your colors!

Our tips for a perfect result:

  1. Preparation: Get your nails into shape and wash your feet or treat yourself to a foot bath. This will make it easier for you to remove the cuticles. However, you must proceed carefully. It is best to gently push them back with a wooden stick. Avoid applying any cream to your feet, as the toenails should be fat-free.
  2. Create a base: If you have decided on a colored nail polish, it is advisable to use a base coat. This prevents discoloration of the nail. A base coat also nourishes and fills ridges. It is the basis for an optimal result.
  3. Keep distance: Use a toe spreader to facilitate lacquering and prevent the freshly lacquered nails from smudging the polish onto the next toe.
  4. Less is more: Before you put the brush on the nail, wipe off excess nail polish. The thinner the layer, and the more evenly the nail polish is applied, the better it holds. After drying, a second coat can be applied to bring out the richness of the colour.
  5. First push, then pull: Place the brush well before the cuticle, push it down towards the cuticle (without covering yourself with color) and then pull it up to the tip—this will give you a perfect bottom finish.
  6. Avoid side margins: If you have wide nails, be careful not to fill the nail completely with color, especially with the big toe. This makes it look more graceful.
  7. Take your time: Try to work as precisely as possible. If some color has landed outside the toenail, it is best to remove it with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover.
  8. Make sure the polish is long-lasting: Especially in summer, toenails should be a highlight. Especially if you have put in a lot of effort with the artistic design. So that the varnish is not immediately off again or appears dull by UV rays and pool water, one should use a top coat with UV filter.

So there is only one thing left to say: Be bold with the colors and make your feet an eye-catcher this spring and summer. We wish you lots of fun and Good Lacquer!

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