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Simply shape your footbed yourself!

Renowned slipper expert WoolFit® GERSL is becoming a household name in the German shoe industry, and is famous for slippers and other shoe products that are characteristically very soft, warm as well as highly individual slippers made from pure wool felt.The range of slippers produced by WoolFit has now been extended to include a new feature into the products, resulting in slippers that are so comfortable, you will want to go everywhere with them. The special feature in these slippers is the natural felt footbed, which moulds the shape of your foot, and allows you to create your own unique footbed in a very short time.

"We give feet a happy home!"—this is the conviction that the young brand WoolFit® uses to design all its models. Because relaxed, pain-free, optimally air-conditioned, happy feet contribute decisively to the fact that the entire person feels happier, more content and simply better. Rarely have you seen a smile on someone's face when their feet are hurting. That's why WoolFit® begins with the basis of our body to create the conditions to be able to enjoy everything a little more. "Because every foot is as unique as the person themselves, individuality and adaptability, healthy foot support, quality and high quality materials are some of the key benchmarks by which we measure our products," explains Benjamin Spree, Managing Director of WoolFit®.

As individual as you are: Self-print technology for your own footbed

At WoolFit®, we believe in the fact that a healthy and relaxed foot always makes a good appearance. This is why we have included the newest slipper brand in our range, which has your slippers felted by hand in a traditional process. The slippers from WoolFit® are unique in two aspects: First off, each slipper shapes into a unique piece of work due to the hand felting and becomes an unmistakable one-of-a-kind when worn, as it clings to the feet uniquely. Secondly, thanks to the newly developed Self-print technology, the particularly soft and flexible felt adapts beautifully to the individual foot contours.

Do you prefer to sleep in your own bed? That's understandable. And that's exactly what you can now offer your feet: the new WoolFit® range of felt slippers allows you to shape your own footbed! The Footprint model range is equipped with an extra-thick, very soft felt sole, which is designed in such a way that when you wear them, you form your own unique print into the footbed, from the heel to the toes, which is only tailored to you. You will not only experience unbelievable comfort in walking, but also the support that fits your foot to the millimetre. These slippers adapt uniquely to your feet, literally bringing new meaning to the phrase “Make an impression!”.

Advantages of natural materials

Amazing comfort and foot-print shaping are not the only features of shoes made from natural wool felt material… There’s a whole host of benefits that come with it.

Wool felt is so popular because it is antibacterial, antistatic, resistant to dirt and provides natural air conditioning. For the WoolFit® collection of slippers, the leather outsole is particularly quiet on the ground. As with all leather soles, the natural rolling movement of the feet is well supported in these shoes.

Enjoy the feeling of woolness! Here you will find an overview of our WoolFit® collection.

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