The Mule

The Mule—A Shoe for every Occasion

The Mule is a type of shoe that is a combination of a slipper and a sandal. However, the mule is more than just a mix of these two types of footwear and has already become accepted as one of the most important footwear types of our time. Like other slip-on shoes, the mule also belongs to the wide range of slippers.

But what exactly defines a mule? Although it is a variation of the slipper, mules can be categorized into different subspecies. The mule is available as a trendy toe separator for today's woman, as a bathing shoe for a visit to the beach or as a modern street shoe model for everyday life. The mule is identified by some characteristic features, such as the generally open heel area and the frequently used (wedge) heel which was the basis of the original shape. Originally, the mule was closed only in the toe area, but had an open heel area; however, this is no longer the case today. Modern mules now come with varied features, such as open toe area and toe separator detail. In most cases, the shoes have buckles, straps or similar features attached to the forefoot are to ensure that they do not slip off the foot when walking.

Although the mule was originally established primarily as ladies' footwear, it has since morphed into a comfortable alternative for both women and men of all ages. Unlike the slipper, this type of shoe is not limited to use in the home as a house shoe. Thanks to the roadworthy outsole, the mule is also ideal as a shoe on the go and at work. In fact, when worn outdoors, mules are a real eye-catcher and can shine even more.

Mules, especially the trendy summer styles, are the perfect accessory, not only for women, but also for men who like to wear something light and airy in warm weather. For women particularly, the mule offers great fashion possibilities for combining with the rest of the outfits, as the mules are available in a variety of materials and therefore there is something suitable for any outfit choice.

In as much as mules are highly popular, some caution is advised for diabetics, who should avoid wearing mules with too many straps, as these often present an underestimated source of danger. In addition, open-toe mules should be avoided by active drivers, due to possible sliding of the foot when engaging the brake pedal or gears.

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