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We're a small California- and Delaware based business selling quality boiled wool slippers, wool felt clogs & leather sandals at incredible discounts. Our quality slippers made of all-natural wool, leather and sheepskin provide the support, comfort & warmth that make for a one-in-a-kind walking experience. With our expertise and service, we will make sure that you will find the perfect pair for you. Feel free to have a look at the following, well-chosen brand collections or scroll further down to see women’s slippers, men’s slippers and more.

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You're looking for slippers, slipper boots, clogs, mules or sandals at a discount? Look no further!

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For our Best Women’s Slippers, we carefully composed some sub-collections sorted by utilization. These include women’s slippers with arch support through both integrated footbeds or removable insoles, as well as house & bedroom slippers tailor-made for indoor use. Besides extra warm slippers for cold feet, we also carry summer slippers in the shape of leather mules & sandals. Our cozy shearling slippers in turn are the ultimate in fluffiness & protection from cold.

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For our Best Men’s Slippers, we thoroughly assembled sub-categories for different purposes. Our men’s slippers with arch support come with loose insoles or fixed footbeds respectively. House slippers with soft soles made of felt or leather are perfect for indoor use, whereas our Indoor-Outdoor slippers feature weatherproof, solid rubber soles. We also carry slippers for sweaty feet that are warm, but also pleasantly breathable. Our summer slippers are comprised of clogs, mules & sandals made of leather, whereas our particularly warm slippers for cold feet are perfect for chilly winter days.

Best Slipper Types

Visit our guide to slippers, clogs, slipper boots & sandals made of boiled wool, wool felt, shearling & leather.

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We run all the Best Slipper Types in our product range, encompassing both closed- & open-heel variations of boiled wool, wool felt & shearling slippers. Our wool felt clogs feature anatomical cork footbeds & very sturdy rubber soles, rendering them perfectly suitable for outdoor use. Ankle-high slipper boots offer very snug wearing comfort on cold winter days, whereas our summery leather sandals & mules combine arch support with vibrant colors & designs.

HAFLINGER Slippers Sale

Whether it's supple genuine leather, robust wool felt or soft boiled wool—our BEST HAFLINGER shoes and slippers are made of natural materials, breathable but with a cooling effect in summer, while they provide perfect protection from the cold in winter and one-of-a-kind arch support.

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HAFLINGER Slippers & Shoes

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WoolFit Slippers Sale

WoolFit is a rising star from Germany. The fairly young brand fields a variety of handmade slippers made of 100% wool. Their design is unique and includes models such as the 'Footprint' which - with its especially soft and selfprint wool footbed - a real world's first innovation. The Classic series covers slippers with removable insoles.

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WoolFit Slippers

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Best Slippers For Women & Men

All of our brands are the very best in what they are doing: German manufacturer Haflinger specializes in open and closed-heel slippers made of natural, boiled wool. Swedish producer Shepherd on the other hand has unparalleled expertise in processing natural grown lambskin. German producer Berkemann remains state of the art in the production of high-quality leather sandals.

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Best combination of comfort & design—Exile the images of antiquated slippers in unfashionable shades and shapes from your memory: our house shoes not only actively relieve your feet’s muscles and pamper them with cuddly coziness, but also meet the highest expectations in terms of design. All our producers have tens of years in experience creating handcrafted quality models. That is why they are able to put their focus on contemporary designs without neglecting functionality and comfort.

Need slippers with arch support? Many of our slippers come with an anatomical cork footbed that supports your feet's muscles and helps treat hurting feet. Find what you are looking for: we sorted our selection by the shoe's material and the type. Any questions? Our friendly staff is eager to help you with any question you have! Shop where the customer are king and queen.

Best insulation against cold—As natural materials, both felt and boiled wool offer much higher thermal capacity than uppers mixed with artificial fibers. When it comes to protection against very cold grounds, you will be perfectly prepared thanks to the combination of thick footbeds made of cork or foam with our outsoles made of leather, rubber or latex coated felt.

What do our best slippers for men have to offer?

Best stability in and outside the shoes—Our brands know exactly which features and shapes have been able to satisfy our customer’s needs over the last 30 years. That is why all of our products are shaped in a way not to constrict your feet—but they will never sit too loose either. In terms of sure-footedness, our profiled rubber soles and latex coated felt soles offer the necessary safety on more slippery floorings as well.

Best outdoor suitability—Many of our models can not only be worn inside the house, but allow for short trips out the front door as well, notably all the models from Haflinger’s 'Grizzly' series. That is due to their waterproof rubber soles directly located under the inch-thick cork footbeds. Therefore, you can engage in gardening work or prepare your BBQ on the terrace just like that—even if a summer shower has left its mark on the face of the earth during the night.

The best slippers with arch support for problematic feet

Best active support of the muscles—Our anatomically aligned footbeds actively relieve your feet, preventing fatigue even after prolonged wear. There are basically two types of footbeds with the first being made of very soft foam. Those are especially pleasant if you suffer from aching feet or just love the feeling of gently cushioned steps. Footbeds made of cork on the other hand offer highest arch support, since they adapt further and further to your feet in the course of wearing.

Best adaptability through replaceable footbeds—If you rely on your own orthopaedic insoles instead, you don’t have to miss out on soothing thermal isolation and a cozy feeling either—for we carry a variety of models with removable footbeds. Those can be easily replaced with your own inlays by hand in a matter of seconds.

The best slippers by Haflinger you can find with us!

The best models for both inside and outside—Thanks to their very solid rubber soles, Haflinger’s 'Grizzly' and 'Blizzard' series can be worn both inside your home and outdoors. Their water-resistant outsoles have a slip-inhibitory tread pattern and are abrasion-free to stand by your side for a long time.

The best sandals for summer—Haflinger is not only known for snug oases of warmth made for winter, but also for summery sandals and mules made of organic genuine leather. The term organic in this context means that the leather was tanned purely vegetable, that is without the addition of chemicals. This not only speaks in favor of Haflinger's idea of ​​sustainability, but also makes the material particularly supple, skin-friendly and breathable.

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