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Quality and design—this is what make the slippers of the Shepherd brand. As the only slipper manufacturer to process 100% pure, grown sheepskin, the Swedish producer has made a name for itself over the past three decades. In the interview with the slipper expert it becomes clear what makes the handmade slippers so unique.

When did you start producing sheepskin slippers? Please tell our readers something about the history of your company.

In 1982 we started producing sheepskin leather car seat covers. The first slipper versions were the "Krister" and "Lena" models which were first produced in 1983. We called them our "Original Slippers", and still have them in our range today. Over 1.2 million pairs have been sold so far. We are currently the leading manufacturer of handmade sheepskin slippers in Europe, and actually have our own factory in Europe where we make our slippers. Our annual production of slippers is about 1 million pairs, which is categorized into about 180 models. In 2008 we started with our Shepherd home collection and introduced the Shepherd outdoor collection in 2009. Our home selection also includes rugs and seat cushions.

How do you exploit the opportunities and benefits of globalization in terms of manufacturing and / or distribution?

We have agents and wholesalers around the world. However, all Shepherd products are produced in Europe.

In which countries can one buy your slippers?

Shepherd's slippers are sold mainly in Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, the USA, Canada and Japan.

Slippers are often associated with older people. Is that really the main target audience or who do you target with your brand collection?

Our wide selection fits every customer: Young and old, men and women. Shepherd slippers are suitable for everyone.

What image do your slippers embody and how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Shepherd is the only brand that uses 100% sheepskin. Take a look at the pictures displayed here; they make clear, good reasons for Shepherd slippers speak and which attitude to life stands behind it.

In your opinion, which materials are ideal for slippers and which ones make sense?

Have a look at the pictures! They describe wonderfully the reasons that speak for real sheepskin and thus for Shepherd slippers

To what extent do colors and designs play an important role in slippers?

Again, we will use pictures to explain; this is under the motto “Shepherd colorful” which speaks for itself:

In your opinion, what are the most important criteria for children slippers?

At Shepherd, we think two things are important in children's home shoes. For baby slippers it is important that they are sweet and functional. For older children it is important that the slippers are sportier and more colorful.

Why should a consumer buy the slippers of your brand?

Because of our quality and design. After all, quality is what the customer pays for.

Which models are the all-time bestsellers (classics) in your collection and should actually be available at every shoe retailer?

Shepherd has a wide selection of "classics", a selection of these models is always in stock, or in the Nachlieferprogramm available.

Which slipper models embody the current direction and future of your brand?

Our original slippers, our colorful slippers and our new selection of wool slippers.

Finally, we would like to know how you assess the long-term importance of slippers in the footwear segment?

Sheepskin has been used for several thousand years to warm and care for our feet. For example, a mummy that dates back to 500 BC. discovered in the archaeological city of Subasi in China, wore Sheepskin boots. According to the Greek philosopher Plato, one should wrap his feet in sheepskin to keep them away from the cold. And when Edmund Hilary conquered Mount Everest, what kind of material did the other expedition members choose to keep their feet warm for the entire climb? Right! Sheepskin slippers. We think that sheepskin slippers will continue to be valued and relevant for many more years to come.

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