Ballerina Slippers

Ballerinas: An elegant choice for women

HAFLINGER® ballerina in a stylish color, comfortable ballerinas—for all those who don't want to spend the summer completely open but still airy at the feet. Ballerinas have similarities with ballet shoes, which also gave them their name. The ballerina was developed in New York at the end of the 19th century. They emphasize the back of the foot and thus elongate the aesthetic leg length of women.

Ballerinas are flat, light, chic and open at the instep. The toe area is closed. In addition, this shoe is particularly suitable for a narrow foot. A slipper, on the other hand, is closed at the instep and usually has a thicker sole. Both shoe types allow a quick slip-in. For this reason, one could say that ballerinas are a sub-category of slippers.

This shoe form is also characterized by a small heel, as well as an adornment at the front of the toes, which emphasizes the elegant, femininity of the foot. Due to the open design of the ballerinas, one could think that ballerinas are only for the summer. But is this really the case? The manufacturer HAFLINGER® answers this question with a clear "no", with its selection! Because HAFLINGER® not only produces the popular ballerinas from leather or cotton materials, but also from wool felt or boiled wool which warm your feet in the cold seasons.

Ballerina for foot problems?

Our statistics show that even the ballerinas intended for winter are very popular in the summer. This is due to the climate-control properties of the felt or wadding made of pure new wool. Stephanie Herrmann, head of the purchasing department at Hausschuhe Experten, says, "Ballerinas will always have a good place in the collection: Women feel well dressed with them".

However, Mrs. Herrmann also adds a rider: "Due to their cut, ballerinas are usually better suited for narrow feet. But there is some good news for those with regular or wider feet: The ballerinas manufactured by HAFLINGER® have a more comfortable width that works for almost every foot. That being said, ballerinas are less suitable for women with foot conditions such as heel spurs or with feet that require special support of the longitudinal arch, because they usually have a flat sole with little, if any, arch support on the insole".

Ballerinas are in high demand amongst ladies searching for casual shoes and slippers, so they are always available at Best Slippers. The popular Picos brand from Gabor and HAFLINGER®, for example, have been a real hit for many years and are bought by our customers every year. Other manufacturers, such as HAFLINGER®, produce new models every year with lots of different designs. "However, we have the advantage that we can reorder shoes from the previous season at any time, and HAFLINGER® will gladly produce the designs again, specifically for us. This is a benefit that we are happy to make use of in order to fulfill our customers' wishes," explains Mrs. Herrmann.

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