Haflinger Shoes & Slippers—Foot Health Expert from Germany

In 1889, master dress trimmer Emil Otto, great-grandfather of Haflinger’s contemporary CEO, started his first textile workshop in German homely town Goslar. As early as that, his customers quicky came to value the precise workmanship in conjunction with the use of exclusively natural materials. During the course of the next century, Mr Otto at first engaged in the creation of cozy slipper socks made of natural new wool. In 1988, the steadily rising demand finally culminated in the foundation of the brand Haflinger, which since then claims to manufacture the best slippers in the world. Ever since, new product series have been born to complement the family of cuddly-warm models made of felt and wool. Particularly worth mentioning would be their summery sandals made of high quality genuine leather.

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Birkenstock Sandals—A trend that never goes out of fashion

A lot of time has passed since Adam Birkenstock struggled along as a cobbler in 1774. Since then, the family business has established itself as one of the leading experts in producing comfortable footwear. Legend has it that they even developed the very first footbed in human history. In any case, each and every one of their present-day products is resemblent of more than 200 years of experience. Combine that level of craftmanship with carefully selected materials such as genuine leather and you get high-quality sandals that are as comfortable as they are durable.

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Magicfelt slippers by Stegmann—Best slippers made in Austria

Meet the probably lightest slippers in the world, given birth to at the heart of the Austian Alps. These slippers truely induce a magical feeling: they are barely noticeable on your feet, but still offer highest comfort and isolation against cold. How does that magic come to pass? Let’s break our magician’s code and get to the bottom of this mystery: that would be the pure new wool felted in Tyrolean mountain water. Being meticulously kept away from synthetic additives, it is skin-friendly and breathable, always ensuring a pleasant climate. Combine this premium upper with traditional workmanship, and a completely seamless, comfortable slipper is conjured out of the hat.

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Shepherd of Sweden—The master of sheepskin boots and slippers

Ever saw a sheep shivering? Neither did we! That would be because sheepskin is regarded as the upper material with the highest thermal capacity at all. And that is exactly why Swedish slipper expert Shepherd chose it to be the material of their choice. Processed in its natural grown form, the material presents itself as leathern upper and woolen lining. Genuine leather is highly resistable, whereas wool is extremely soft and cozy. On top of that, sheepskin has a breathable effect, as not to cause sweating feet despite all the cuddly warmth.

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Best slippers for you if you value design and quality in materials

The brand’s name reflects the aim: For more than a hundred years, Living Kitzbühel has successfully been trying to bring the feeling of the popular lifestyle metropolis to their customers’ homes. It is a subsidiary of cloth factory Moessmer, which is known to manufacture fabrics for premium brands like Prada, Armani, and Louis Vuitton. Kitzbühel is regarded to be a nature idyll as well as a stronghold of zeitgeist and fashion, and that is resembent in the products: natural wool without synthetics is processed in functional slippers with appealing designs.

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Sorel Slippers—Best slippers by columbia footwear

Footwear offering highest levels of coziness doesn’t have to be unfashionable: Canadian manufacturer Sorel is the prime example for that. Their products are exclusively made of luxurious sheepskin and feature designs as functional as appealing to the eye. The sheepskin is processed in its natural grown form, which means it appears as resilient leather on the outside and as wooly lining on the inside. Despite its maximum fluffiness and high heating capacity, it is naturally breathable and preserves a pleasant climate at all times. The soles used in Sorel’s products are just as waterproof and robust as the upper material, allowing you to wear them outside the house as well.

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Berkemann Clogs—Traditional Comfort & Footbed Expertise

More than 130 years of experience in traditional craftsmanship meets the latest insights from the field of foot orthopedics: German producer Berkemann has specialized in slippers and sandals actively benefiting foot health. They feature anatomically shaped footbeds which actively support your muscles. In the Berkoflex series, the footbeds are easily removable by hand, whereas they are firmly integrated in the Berkina series. Material wise, supple genuine leather is processed in most of their products. It feels gentle on the skin on top of being durable and having a breathable effect.

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Florett Medical Slippers for bandages and diabetic feet

Florett themselves describe their products as therapy shoes, as they are highly suitable for pain-sensitive or deformed feet. They have very large hook-and-loop fasteners, which can be opened extremely wide. Therefore, even feet with limited freedom of movement can get in very easily. There is also plenty of room for orthopedic insoles inside the shoes. They are lined with breathable, soft materials such as wool or terry, making them particularly gentle to irritable skin. Their slip-inhibitory soles have large surfaces to provide maximum stability.

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Warmbat best Australian sheepskin slippers

Warmbat is one of the oldest manufacturers woldwide who exclusively uses wool from Australian Merino sheep. This focus on naturalness is resemblent in their whole product range, which covers a variety of different shapes, including: classic slippers open at the heel, closed moccasins with fashionable stitches and ankle-high slipper boots. Sheepskin in its natural grown form has two sides: irrestructible leather on the outside, cozy woolen lining on the inside. Regarding the soles, you can choose between two variants: the first being a very flexible, thin one made of rubber. The alternative would be a slightly thicker EVA sole, which is yet very low-weight and suitable for the outside. However, both variants have an anti-slip effect to provide maximum stability on each kind of flooring.

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WoolFit is a new brand that was created by the team behind Best-Slippers

We have used our experience in the slippers industry to create new and innovative slippers that are made entirely of sustainable materials and produced ethically with women artisans from Kyrgystan and Nepal. Together with them we have combined our German foot comfort knowledge and their traditional felting methods to create the softest and most comfortable all wool slippers on the market. It is our brand's philosophy to satisfy every customer and leave a good impression on our earth and the people we are working together with.

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